Increase revenue through conversation

Utilizing Paid Advertising & Messenger Marketing,

we help e-commerce brands increase sales

Automation powered by Logic

Lead Generation

Capture leads through conversational AI, ultimately lowering CPA, while building omni-channel presence. Nurture your audience by delivering an innovative user experience.

Increase ROI

Increase incremental revenue and LTV while reducing new acquisition and customer support costs through 1:1 conversation. Improve your abandonment rate with reminders and promotions.

AI Segmentation

Leverage automated conversations to create hyper focused customer profiles. Deploy targeted messages directly to each customer based on their shopping interests. Increase retention by funneling customers through retargeting campaigns.

When we launched our new product, we used logicbot to generate buzz, purchases, and most importantly positive reviews. We sold thousands of products and received hundreds of raving reviews. We are now using logicbot to expand into our extended line of products.

- Zack Holland, CMO @ Mellanni Fine Linens & Cloudten

With logicbot, the numbers that you get compared to normal email marketing were insane! We had over $60,000 in sales just from the Facebook messenger bot alone, in a months time.

- Mark Gustafson, Founder @ Story Bikes

Using logicbot conversation engagement flows, we were not only were we able to attribute profile tags to all of our customers, we were able to create meaningful engagements with our customers. Ultimately, we found that nurturing our customers lead to increased revenue month over month.

- Borys Khudomaka, Founder & CEO @ ZINVO Watches

Leverage your new audience through segmentation that your customers provided

By empowering your customers to engage with your guided shopping experience, your conversational AI segments customers into retargeting campaigns composed with up-sells and cross sells that are specific to their individual tastes.

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15-20% Recovery Rate Compared to Email

Utilizing messenger engagement tools, brands can now increase their abandoned cart rates up to 10x without spending budget on retargeting campaigns.

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Increase Revenue with Conversational Commerce

Through conversational AI and guided product recommendations, brands can increase qualified leads, attribute customer profile tags, improve targeted re-engagements, reduce service volumes, and ultimately drive more sales.

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