Use conversational AI as a new and high performing marketing channel to engage with billions of consumers through marketing messenger. Build hyper focused audiences that provide +75% open rates, +30% click through rates, and 10x better conversion rates than email. Logicbot has the AI-powered conversations to qualify leads, recommend products, reconnect with cross-sells and upsells, increase retention, and ultimately drive more commerce.


E-Commerce Chatbot

Logic Flow highlights:

  • 7 revenue generating flows
  • customer service bot logic
  • 3 lead generation growth tools
  • abandoned cart flow
  • browse abandonment flow
  • shipment tracking flow
  • 500 keywords
  • Purchase reminder sequence
  • new user sequence
  • Zonpages integration detailed steps
  • Zapier integration detailed steps
  • 1:1 professional consulting



Everything you get in Starter plus:

Logic Flow highlights:

  • Customized Bot Persona
  • Zapier Integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • customer reviews
  • Customized weekly subscription + promotional broadcasts
  • Weekly reporting
  • Weekly strategy calls
  • Paid Social advertising

Premium Logic Flows

  • Cart Recovery
  • Optimization of drip campaigns

Paid Social

Facebook Advertising:

  • Retargeting funnels
  • Conversion funnels
  • Custom audiences
  • Ad creation + copy
  • Sales & lead generation
  • Dynamic Shopping
  • Geographic targeting